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We are Located in the Netherlands.

‘We work hard to deliver top-quality products for our (*)distributors and sales managers all around the world.’
(distributors in the following markets: spa, salon, pharmacy, drug-store and retail)
Patricia van der Linden

We are an Exclusive Intermediator for our European Certified, Natural, Organic, Vegan, Award Winning Cosmetics, Make-Up, Health and Sport Supplement Brands.

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Non Chemical

All our brands contains no chemical ingredients which have connections to long-term health concerns like cancer and reproductive problems.


We ensure that all our brands contain at least 80% natural ingredients and are never tested on animals (PETA).


Our brands contain the best quality ingredients from all over the world that contributes positively to people’s skin, health, well-being & happiness.


Proudly we present brands in our portfolio that won several beauty awards which acknowledge the best in beauty! The awards, which celebrate the standout brands and products of the year.


People are happily becoming more aware about the ingredients of products they use on a daily base. Our brands contains all natural, unique, healthy, exceptional formulas and textures.


Our team is leaded by experienced and dedicated professionals ready to make your business grow. We provide our best qualities to support our distributors to have success in their business.

We support your company with a unique range of cosmetics, make-up, hair, health and sport supplements. We bring our exclusive brands seen in our portfolio in contact with our distributors and sales managers which we collaborate with on a exclusive basis located in Europe and worldwide. We offer only topical and systemic products that are proven effective to facilitate positive change, enhance longevity, and are natural, clinically or scientifically beneficial.

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