Icona Milano

Icona Milano

ICONA is Colour and texture: the chromatic impact of the line is immediate, textures are flawless, diversified and easy to wear, offering the maximum levels of hold in every occasion.

Safety: our products are formulated and produced following the highest quality standards. Made in Italy excellence quality levels ensures ICONA to be a safe and easy brand to trust.

Style: fashion, design and Italian beauty heritage are mixed together to create a ‘vintage chic’ allure. The trends, transformed into new concepts of colors and products, can always to be reinterpreted and worn again.

Color & texture, a guarantee of quality and inimitable “Italian style”

THE QUALITY All ICONA products are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards and are not tested on animals. ICONA has always been committed to respecting the present and future choices of the legislator with regard to the relevant regulations.

Production is totally made in Italy. Product tests are carried out by specialized laboratories that certify the results obtained by releasing suitable documentation.

ICONA is an Italian brand that offers an extraordinary and complete make up range. Our high quality and performance products are specifically created to satisfy the beauty needs of all women of all ages.

L’identità di ICONA’s identity finds its roots in the iconic values of Made in Italy, in Milan leading capital of fashion, design and symbol of the effortless Italian sense of beauty.

“Beauty Outfit” is how ICONA sums ups its philosophy and idea of beauty: thanks to the wide and diversified range of products ICONA allows every woman to create unique looks for every day and occasion.

ICONA’s mission is to offer, through the research of quality and innovative formulas masterpiece, products to keep as essential tools of style and beauty.

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