Namur® is the first brand that specializes exclusively in the production of natural, organic and cruelty-free make-up removers.
Our products are entirely designed, formulated and made in Sicily. They stand out thanks to their special formulation, enriched with a unique ingredient: extract of Opuntia (prickly pear, which grows abundantly in Sicily).

All Namur® products are formulated exclusively with plant-based products, do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are Vegan OK certified. They are also nickel tested, have received the Eco-Bio Cosmetics certification of the Italian Organic Agriculture Association (AIAB), and have been dermatologically tested by the University of Ferrara.

Why only make-up removers?
This new brand specialises in just one type of product for one reason: we wanted to focus our efforts on researching and developing new, revolutionary skincare solutions, particularly for make-up removal.
Our products are unique in their kind: both Aqua Shake® and Creemilk® have unique, innovative features that set them apart from any other product on the market.

Our products are different, but share two common features:
The first is that they both combine the characteristics and properties of more products in one.
Their second common feature is the use of the extract of the Sicilian prickly pear plant (Opuntia), which adds its properties to those of the other natural ingredients of our products.

The same features, but two different targets:
Aqua Shake® is an organic 2-in-1 make-up remover: the first product to combine the gentleness of micellar water and the effectiveness of a two-phase cleanser.

Creemilk®, on the other hand, is a cleansing milk that brilliantly removes all traces of make-up without any of the unpleasant side effects that are, in general, associated with this type of product.

What sets these make-up removers apart?
The final formulation of these products is the result of over two years of intensive study and research. Our sole objective was to offer women a solution that would make removing their make-up easier and less time-consuming. Removing make-up and deeply cleansing the face, especially before going to bed, is a must, as it helps keep skin healthy and free of imperfections, spots and blackheads. These issues may even involve the eyes, which are prone to infections and conjunctivitis.

Most women are discouraged from removing their make-up by the fact that it can be time-consuming, especially young women and women leading stressful lives, who tend to neglect this fundamental part of self-care at the end of a long day of work. This was the reasoning behind our products: we wanted to guarantee efficient and gentle cleansing in just a few steps. No more falling asleep in front of the mirror while struggling to remove the most stubborn long-lasting lipsticks or waterproof mascara with a cotton wool pad. Our products offer an additional, equally important benefit: they limit the cleansing action to the strictly necessary.

Traditional make-up removers usually require their users to insist and treat the area to be cleaned roughly in order to achieve an “acceptable” level of cleansing. Such insistent, harsh movements cause great stress on the skin of the face, eyes and lips and, all too often, cause undesirable effects: redness in the more sensitive parts of the face, irritation, removal of micro-layers of the epidermis, alteration of the natural pH values, blurred vision, a burning sensation in the eyes, extreme dehydration and a loss of balance in the hydrolipidic film (which causes skin to lose its elasticity and accelerates the ageing process).

Both Aqua Shake® and Creemilk® instead have an effective cleansing action with just a few gentle steps, thanks to the organic properties of their precious ingredients.

No more stressing out your skin in order to get it really, deeply clean.

Another fundamental and unique feature of these products is the fact that they eliminate the unpleasant sensations that traditional make-up removal has been known to cause.

If you use micellar water to remove your make-up, you are very familiar with the way your skin feels after use: dry and unpleasantly tight. If, on the other hand, you have opted for a two-phase make-up remover, you know very well the unpleasant greasy feeling it leaves (inevitably, since the formula of this type of product is traditionally oily).

Users of cleansing milks are well aware of the fact that not only does this type of product not guarantee make-up removal worthy of the name, but it also leaves a “heavy” feeling (inevitably due to the formula of this type of cleanser). If the product happens to get into the eyes, users are left with an intense burning feeling and really annoying blurred vision.

Aqua Shake® and Creemilk® put an end to all this.
Their spot-on formulation has found the perfect balance in the quantities of ingredients to free women from the most unpleasant sensations: never again will skin feel greasy or dry or weighed down. Finally, one of the biggest challenges was to make the products’ pH as tolerable as possible, even for people with particularly sensitive skin, so that they can use these products without any burning sensation in the eyes or blurred vision.

100% natural, vegan and organic make-up removers with extract of Sicilian prickly pear and organic Aloe Vera

Remove every last trace of waterproof and long-lasting make-up from face, eyes and lips; Without your skin feeling “heavy” or too dry; Without having to insist or rub your face for complete and deep cleansing; Without any risk of irritation to your skin or burning eyes.

A gentle touch to nourish, protect and revitalize your skin every day

This is how you can remove any trace of make-up from your face, eyes and lips in just a few seconds. Without cluttering your make-up bag with a thousand make-up removers. Without having to rub your face to remove even the most resistant make-up

Without leaving your skin feeling dry, greasy or weighed down, even if you have delicate or particularly sensitive and reactive skin.

Two revolutionary make-up removers, formulated for all skin types, ideal for women who are after a daily treat

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Ideal for all skin types, even oily and problematic.

Formulated without silicones, petrolatum, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, EDTA, GMOs, SLS, SLES, BHA, BHT, palm oil, lanolin and synthetic fragrances.

Struccante Naturale Bifase Bio 2 in 1 – Aqua Shake®
The first organic 2-in-1 make-up remover that combines the gentle action of micellar water and the effectiveness of a two-phase cleanser.

  • Extremely comfortable to use, with anti-ageing and restructuring properties.
  • It removes every last trace of make-up from face, eyes and lips
  • Without rubbing
  • Without risk of redness and burning
  • The skin doesn’t feel oily or dry

With Rosewater, Aloe Vera juice and Opuntia extract. Enriched with organic Sunflower and Jojoba oil

Latte Struccante Naturale e Bio – Creemilk®
The first organic make-up cleanser, light as a feather, that removes all traces of make-up, cleanses and restores the balance of all skin types, even the most sensitive and problematic.

  • Extremely comfortable to use, with anti-ageing and restructuring properties.
  • Extremely comfortable to use, with anti-ageing and restructuring properties.
  • Doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily or weighed down
  • Doesn’t irritate the eyes and doesn’t cause blurred vision
  • Anti-ageing, balancing and healing action

With Opuntia extract and Aloe Vera juice. Enriched with organic Olive and Jojoba oil

VEGANOK – is the first and only standard for Ethical Vegan products created in Italy, whose staff is entirely vegan. In depth knowledge of every aspect of the Vegan choice characterizes our work. VEGANOK is the most known ethical standard with over 1000 companies, services and tens of thousands of products certified around the world.

VEGANOK Network is an articulate editorial and ethic organization.

VEGANOK was founded to promote and spread a culture that respects life and the environment, also to the benefit of those who are not Vegan or Vegetarian, as such values may and shall be considered a common heritage. The company that decides to self-declare its vegan services and products through the VEGANOK standard, does so in compliance with the European regulation UNI EN ISO 14021, type II environmental labelling, carried out without independent third parties verification, by manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, certifications, without prejudice to the autonomy of the VEGANOK team to carry out independent random checks on the company’s products and procedures.

AIAB is an association of producers, technicians and citizens-consumers

AIAB is the networking of the biological movement and primarily represents the interests of organic producers, through the promotion of organic agriculture as a model of sustainable development, based on the principles of safeguarding and enhancing resources, respect for the environment, animal welfare and of the health of those who consume.

Organic farming is, in fact, a development model for the Italian countryside, an alternative to “industrial agriculture”, capable of directing the behaviors of operators and citizens in an ecological sense, towards a conscious approach to the production system and consumption. The interests of organic producers concern the interests of citizen-consumers and enhance the function of technicians specialized in organic farming.

In dermocosmetics, Nickel is prohibited by law as an ingredient, however, traces of Nickel may be present in any product as a result of manufacturing processes.

Since it is not possible to eliminate Nickel 100%, according to the law it is forbidden to declare a cosmetic such as “Without Nickel” or “Nickel Free”, but it is only possible to use the word “Nickel Tested” when the products have been tested on allergic subjects Nickel without causing allergic reactions. By itself this test does not represent the guarantee that the product contains less traces of nickel than another that does not indicate the indication, just as it is not correct to think that if a company does not report this indication on the package, it has not performed a verification of the presence of nickel in the product, also in virtue of the fact that according to the law every cosmetic product on the market must contain a quantity of Nickel, if present, below a minimum level that is harmless to each subject, which according to the literature scientific level is 1 ppm (part per million, equivalent to 1 mg per kg of product).

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