Frequently Asked Questions

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Step by step:

  1. We setup a exclusivity agreement with an area document on which the Brand is looking to expand their sales activity
  2. The Brand needs to send us the following information so we can start to add the Brand to our online portfolio:
    • Product sheets;
    • Brochure / Catalog in English;
    • Product photos with a white background;
    • Company / Founder information;
    • Certificates;
    • Awards;
    • Testimonials:
    • And anything important to showcase the Brand.
  3. We start promoting the Brand when this is added to our portfolio on our website.We instruct and support our Sales Manager in their search for potential Distributor(s) in the agreed country/countries mentioned in the area agreement.
  4. We are promoting the Brand and talking to our network to advise them during the coming months/year.
  5. When we have found potential Distributor(s) that is interested in selling the Brand then the Brand will be more scrutinized for example any needed regulations, translations, etc. Any needed adjustments will be communicated with the Brand.
  6. We will discuss every step with the Brand and if a Distribution contract is discussed the Brand has a say on what to expect or to share their needs. A Brand can always refuse any Distributor(s) we present, there is no obligation to accept any presented Distributor(s).
  7. We continue to support the Distributor(s) with promoting the brand and expanding the knowledge of the existence of the brand to maximize interest after a collaboration is established.

We only work with organic certified brands that meet our criteria of being natural, as organic as possible or effective with clean, natural, safe and beneficial ingredients. The second criteria is (through our Distributor(s)’s and Sales Manager(s) we expand reach, and sales for the manufacturer that has an interest in serving all Clients and audience members We pride ourselves on the love in bringing products of excellence through various channels into the hands of consumers.

In our shared model we promote the brand in the first stage of a brand collaboration by putting the brand on our website which explains the brand and also showcases each and every product for our existing and ever evolving Distributor(s) and/or Sales-Managers..

Phase I Our Sales Manager(s) will visit our Distribution Network according to the agreed area agreement, to find any potential Distributor(s). During these visits we maximize knowledge of the brand with promoting through many personal visitations, social media, online meetings and more.

Phase II When interest arises for a particular Brand and/or product we arrange a exclusive contract with the Distributor(s). When product product sale starts Naturally Organix receives compensation on all orders/product sale during the distribution contract and any contract renewals.

No we do not hold any stock, our Distributor(s) will hold stock.

We select Brands on the base of certification and ingredients, introduction and through our network. We supply a need for when our Clients are asking for a particular product we take this opportunity to find the best Brand for all concerned and put it in our portfolio. We are flexible, and capitalize on the demands of both our audience members, our Distribution partners and consumer need.

Naturally Organix has made substantial investment in creating and maintaining its network, which it makes available to Brand. With more then 25 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. In order to conserve our investment and to deliver the best quality of service we need to assure it through our agreements and exclusivity. We invest time and money in contacting our network to promote and present the brand and in order to receive payment after a collaboration is established the exclusivity part is therefore a necessity.

This is a mixture since our broad Distributor(s) Network but it is a selection or combination of: Retailer, Pharmacy, Spa, Salon and Drug Stores. We will always position the Brand to collaborate with the best Distributor(s) that’s suits the Brand the most.

*POS=Point of Sale

Our Distribution Network contains over more then 50 Distributor(s) located all over the world, in many countries we work with multiple Distributor(s). A Distributor(s) always ask for exclusivity as well therefore the Brand will collaborate through us with one Distributor(s) per country. Our Distributor(s) may have up to 5.000 POS but this does not always mean that the Brand will be added to all of the 5.000 POS. We always work out the best strategy to maximize sales and for the best long term collaboration.

This is very difficult to calculate but it may take up between 12 and 24 months. Retailer(s) have once or twice per year meetings to discuss any new Brands to add to their store. It can therefore take up to 12 months before a Retailer has seen or even discussed the new Brand after which the Distributor(s) needs time to decide what to do. It may happen that a change of packaging needs to occur due to regulations which will add more time. This is a slow process but it will lead to a long term collaboration.

Our Distributor(s) purchase and hold their own inventory, and then use that to supply their Retailer(s)/clients. Payment will be 100% directly to Naturally Organix.

We work as a multi-country liaison with preferred suppliers between Distributor(s) and resellers. To be competitive we ask for a discount on the Distributor(s) pricing which will be our fee. This fee will only be valid if any product sale occurs during the Distribution agreement, we work with a no-cure no-pay system.

Below you can see a example Distributor price list:

Product nameProduct sizeMinimum Order Quantity (MOQ)Distributor price (40%)Purchase price (50%)Recommended Retail Price (RRP)
Shampoo200 ml12€2,24€3,73€7,46
Mascara15 ml6€5,07€8,45€16,90

Distributor(s) margin depends on the size of the Distributor(s) but it’s always between 40% and 50%. Retailer(s) receive a standard of 50%. Country has no influence on the size of the margin.

Payment will always be through bank transfer, we always ask for a proof of payment on which the Brand can prepare the order for pick up by Distributor(s).

Minimal turn over will only discussed with a Distributor that has received samples, has visited their clients and is preparing a Distributor(s) contract with the Brand. A Brand can always decide/comment if a minimum turnover is not according to their expectation.

Unfortunately no, after a contract has been signed we do not alter any made agreements mentioned in the contract or made per email beforehand.

If Naturally Organix has been working in a particular country agreed though the area document it is essential to acknowledge our work and provide this lead to us on which we will present it to our Distributor(s) in said country. If a lead is contacting the Brand from a country not mentioned in the area agreement than the Brand is free to use it as fit.

Yes. This is needed to introduce and present the Brand to the Distributor(s). The Distributor(s) on their turn will use the samples and marketing material to present the Brand to their clients. Usually we ask a sample kit for ourselves to test it and see packaging, samples kit for our Sales Managers for them to test and to use to introduce it to the Distributor(s). A Distributor(s) will usually ask for sample kit if interested. We invest our time and are making costs to visit potential Distributor(s) therefore we asks to receive samples and marketing material for free. Samples will only be requested for potential Distributor(s).

All orders will be picked up by Distributor(s) after receiving proof of payment from Distributor(s).

A international expanding network containing Distributor(s), Sales Manager(s) and Retailer(s), Drug-Stores, Spas, Salons and Pharmacies. We cooperate and assist our Distributor(s) and/or Sales Manager(s) in their sales and promotion. We promote Brands on a international level, and adhere to stringent manufacturers standards and key messages to support their objectives and growth.

We ask the best quality product with certifications, safe and effective ingredients as close to nature, clean ingredients and organic components is the ideal.

Naturally Organix will stop with the online promotion and the brand will be removed from the online portfolio. Our Sales Manager(s) will not present and/or promote the Brand to any Distributor(s). This will not affect any arranged contract between Brand and Distributor(s) before the ending of said contract.

We specialize in helping sales agents in the global Health and Wellness industry to bring the best natural and organic brands in the market. We have every confidence in our products and try to describe the products in the best possible way. However we are not doctors, so Naturally Organix makes no claims about diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The information on this website has not been evaluated by medical experts and cannot be construed as medical advice.